Academic Term 2009

Academic Term 2009


This has been the year of

Networking : Public Blogging has been put off as a new practice within a private network was implemented for students.
This has proved highly successful and utterly recommended as it’s the best alternative to protect students surfing from different online dangers/vices.
On the other hand, microblogging platforms like Twitter have become “the” tools towards not only getting updated info from different areas / topics but also the source for continuous professional development. Facebook has been a good companion here as well, though more trivial.

Distant Teaching / Learning realization: The importance of exploiting ICT skills and internet tools has reached the highest point within a pandemic context.This has shown some tutors / parents and students that internet is an extraordinary tool that very few people know how to take explore for fruitful purposes such as “schooling”. Suddenly being an e-teacher / virtual teacher /online facilitator or simply a professional with a certain know-how in the area of distant education has become highly regarded.
It’s never too late.

Focus: Web 2.0 practices have offered me a wide range of alternatives. In order to learn how to work with them I had to use them. This also brought some disadvantages until last year: Blog posts everywhere, material of various sorts published on different sites for the sake of exploration. Although I do not regret that (you live and learn therefore “not done, not learnt”) I admit I feel happier now, after having narrowed my audiences (to my students and parents). Good hint for colleagues new at the blogging / ICT trend ( 😉 ).

What will 2010 bring?


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